Its Leader

Kevin McAllister, Founder and President of Defend H2O has unique qualifications in realm of environmental protection.  

Kevin has substantial academic training that bridges several disciplines within the biological and physical sciences.  His education achievements include undergraduate degrees in Natural Resources Conservation and Marine Biology.  In addition, Kevin holds a Master's of Science degree in Coastal Zone Management. 

Kevin's professional environmental experience spans 30 years of working in the government, consultancy and non-profit employment sectors.  His expertise is in the biological sciences and coastal zone management.  

Within the discipline of shoreline management, Kevin's work has been published in the proceedings of the 1995 National Conference on Beach Preservation Technology, "A Comprehensive Approach to Dune Restoration in South Florida."  His design and oversight of a mile long dune restoration project, constructed in lieu of coastal armoring, won him professional acclaim with Florida's environmental community. 

He has received over 15 awards from government, media, civic and environmental organizations  for personal accomplishments in natural resources conservation. Highlights include the Environmental Quality award presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2008. 

Prior to his current role as chief executive of DefendH2O, Kevin served for 16 years as the founder and leader of Peconic Baykeeper, Inc.  Water resources protection and coastal adaptation are Kevin's primary focus. 


Our Work

-  Seek/create opportunities to heighten public understanding
of the coastal zone environment. 

Water Pollution
-  Assess local and regional water quality.
-  Advocate for numeric nutrient standards.
-  Ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Coastal Resiliency
-  Advocate for progressive coastal zone management. 
-  Oppose shoreline hardening.
-  Advocate for improved bay flushing (i.e. Fire Island breach).

Sewage Management
-  Advocate for best available technologies in sewage treatment.
-  Advocate for effluent discharge standards.
-  Advocate for watershed management plans.

Natural Shoreline Protection
-  Protect/restore wetlands.
-  Challenge shoreline hardening plans/projects.
-  Address buffer zone encroachment.
-  Advocate coastal resiliency principles.

Pesticides (mosquito control, agricultural, residential)
-  Advocate for regulatory reforms.
-  Seek a ban on Methoprene use for mosquito control.

Dam Removal
-  Advocate for removal/alteration at ecologically stressed locations.

-  Stay informed of commercially harvested populations.
-  Support science-based management actions.
-  Support shellfish restoration efforts.